Weight: 368
Energy: Bouncy
Status: -14 pounds

14 pounds in 14 days.  At my size, it’s not really enough to see a difference, but I can really feel one. My clothes are starting to fit ever so slightly better, and my energy continues to increase. I’m looking forward to my daily hikes now, and the weather just keeps getting warmer and encouraging me to get out. In hiking Garden of the Gods and Red Rocks, I used to seek out the flattest areas possible, but now I’m seeking out the hills. I pushed myself hard enough on a hike the other day that I could barely push in my truck’s clutch without inspiring my leg to cramp, but that kind of fatigue is what I need to make happen if I want to improve.

If I keep losing weight at this rate, I’ll have my “lose 50 pounds by the end of Summer goal knocked out before summer even begins.

New goals: None yet, I just keep pushing my daily distance goal a little further each day.

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