No excuses.

Weight: 360
Energy: Holding steady at “High”
Progress: -22 pounds

It’s colder than hell in the single digits and snowing considerably, but I’m not going to slow down now.  I started using RunKeeper to track my hikes and get an idea of how many calories I’m burning on these hikes.  One advantage to being tall (and heavy) is that I burn a shitload of calories. I am also making a bit more effort to make healthier choices in food.  I’ve cut out junk snacking and maybe one day I’ll have the willpower to not make the daily sweet tea and McDouble stop at McDonald’s on my way home from work.I am undoubtedly burning it off, but still…not nutritious.

Clothes are loosening, and I am beginning to see a smidge of change in my face and neck.  It’s not much, but it’s something, and I’ll take what I can get!

New goals: Define some routes in RunKeeper and work to improve route times.

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