Up and moving before the birds.

Weight: 350
Energy: Up and down, but mostly up
Waist: 46 inches
Neck: 21 inches

-32 pounds
-2 inches waist
-2 inches neck

Today I was out hiking an hour before sunrise. I am really starting to feel energetic and alive in the mornings!

I haven’t seen 350 pounds in a while. Yesterday someone asked me if I was losing weight. I can’t really describe how that felt, but it was pretty cool to get an unsolicited comment like that.  I haven’t really “gone public” with what I’m working on yet, but those around me have a pretty good idea that I’ve been a lot more active lately than in the past.

Life has been getting in the way a bit, but I’m managing to mostly stay on track. My fitness level is increasing pretty noticeably at this point, and that’s more motivation to keep pushing. Oh, and I joined the gym today and I’m anxious/scared/excited as hell about that, in no particular order.

New goals: Original goal was to do The Incline by the end of Summer, but at the rate things are going, I modified that back a little to “End of July”.

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