Wild hair.

Weight: 335
Energy: Extremely high, but currently exhausted

-48 pounds
-4 inches waist

Welp, after some not-so-careful consideration, I did it.  I completed my first (of many?) trip up The Manitou Incline after work today. It took fucking forever, and I had to stop and rest about every 20 steps on the last half, but I made it. I did it.  I see that thing peering at me as I drive past Manitou Springs every day on my way home from work. Lately it has been looking more like a dare; a taunt.

It. Kicked. My. Ass. 2000 feet of elevation gain in .88 miles, complete with a false summit 600 feet (elevation) from the top to hurt your feelings when you realize you haven’t made it yet. Well, suck it, Incline.

That’s one “End of Summer” goal dusted months ahead of schedule, and two more pounds to go for the other!

New goal: Do it again next week if my legs work by then.


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