That’s twice thus far.

Weight: 322
Energy: Off the charts

-60 pounds

Now I can really start to see some changes. 60 pounds gone, I’m able to fit into clothes that haven’t fit me in years, and I am rapidly approaching my previous lightest weight of my adult life (315 pounds).

Second trip up The Incline today, and my hiking partner (who I still can’t keep up with) and sister (who can keep up with my hiking partner) joined me this time.They graciously waited for me at the top.

Both “End of Summer” goals smoked!

This is really happening!

New goals: Back when I was 382 pounds, I asked my doctor about weight loss.  He figured 275 may be in the ballpark of “ideal” for someone of my height and build, but said it’s hard to know for sure.  I’ll check it out when I get there.  New goal weight of 275 pounds by the end of the year.


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