A Lesson Learned

Weight: 313 pounds
Energy: Sick and dying

Third trip up The Incline. Words can’t even describe how it felt to get on the scale this morning to see that I have cleared 315 pounds.  Things are moving so quickly now that I don’t even know where to go in terms of setting goals, except to just keep pushing harder and harder.  I’m not just losing weight at this point, I’m actually *starting* to get in shape.

The bad news – I did The Incline today with a nasty sinus infection, a 102 degree fever, and an inner ear infection that’s causing some rather ugly vertigo.  It’s a little bit of a wake up call that I might be a little too fixated on meeting goals, especially when I am already FAR ahead of the pace I set… It took me a lot longer to finish than last time, and I felt like I would rather be dead by the time I topped it.  No bueno, mofos.  If you’re reading this and thinking about a hard workout when your sick, that’s awesome that you’re so dedicated, but give your body an opportunity to get to work on your illness and take a day off.

New goal: Keep going, but don’t die doing it.

Third trip!

Third trip!

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