Quitter’s Flu

I’m never quitting smoking again.

16 days into it and Quitter’s Flu is in full effect. After 30 minutes of arm/shoulder/chest/burpee circuits and a 2 mile run at the gym, I’m pretty sure I hacked up enough crap for nine people. Still, I can run faster and farther than ever before, and there’s already a marked difference in resting heart rate and cardiac response during workouts. Removal of a fist full of inhaled stimulants is leaving me feeling pretty tired, but that’s temporary and I’m not forgetting it.

That said, I’m spending the month of January focusing on fitness benefits of quitting and ignoring pretty much everything else. While I’m obviously still eyeballing diet and exercising (harder than before), I’m not going to weigh in or shift back focus to anything weight related until I’m past this initial month.

Cold turkey

I’ve never been big on New Year’s Resolutions. If I make any, they’re usually very vague, like “Have a better year than last year.”

I have been mentally preparing myself to quit smoking for a couple of months now, and when the end of the year came around, I realized I was a few months past due, so I tossed my last pack in the fireplace when I went to bed the night of the 31st.

Day one was fine. Today sucks. It’s not even the urge to smoke – It’s the immediate shift in energy once a boatload of stimulant is removed from the equation. I slept great, woke up ten minutes before my alarm (sweating and heart pounding, but rested), and headed for the gym. I got through one circuit and felt like hopping in the leg press rack to take a nap. By the end of two circuits it felt like I was trying to work out after eating Thanksgiving Dinner. After three, I was done. Out of gas.

It’s okay. I prepared for this, and I know it may be a while before my energy comes back and I will just keep pushing through it. In the meantime, I will choose to focus on the immediate benefits, like taste, smell, and better sleep. A few more weeks of difficulty will lead to fantastic benefits, especially by the time Spring arrives and it’s time to start climbing mountains again.