Cold turkey

I’ve never been big on New Year’s Resolutions. If I make any, they’re usually very vague, like “Have a better year than last year.”

I have been mentally preparing myself to quit smoking for a couple of months now, and when the end of the year came around, I realized I was a few months past due, so I tossed my last pack in the fireplace when I went to bed the night of the 31st.

Day one was fine. Today sucks. It’s not even the urge to smoke – It’s the immediate shift in energy once a boatload of stimulant is removed from the equation. I slept great, woke up ten minutes before my alarm (sweating and heart pounding, but rested), and headed for the gym. I got through one circuit and felt like hopping in the leg press rack to take a nap. By the end of two circuits it felt like I was trying to work out after eating Thanksgiving Dinner. After three, I was done. Out of gas.

It’s okay. I prepared for this, and I know it may be a while before my energy comes back and I will just keep pushing through it. In the meantime, I will choose to focus on the immediate benefits, like taste, smell, and better sleep. A few more weeks of difficulty will lead to fantastic benefits, especially by the time Spring arrives and it’s time to start climbing mountains again.


2 thoughts on “Cold turkey

  1. Rock on Berk! I used hypnosis to quit the habit in 2004 and I’m glad I did. Doubly glad to see you have as well. Now I need to use you as motivation to lose weight myself.

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  2. Thanks man. I remember you telling me about that years ago. I’m pretty excited to get to the point where I start to see the benefits of quitting. Right now I’m just in the “I want to sleep ALL THE FUCKING TIME” stage, haha.


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