This blog is about a journey from fat to fit.  I began this journey at 382 pounds and around 40% body fat, and am, at the time of this writing, 253 pounds and around 19-20% body fat. The purpose of this “journal” of sorts is to document my ride, and hopefully inspire a few folks along the way.

When I began in March of 2014, I could not climb a single flight of stairs without getting winded.  By September, I had climbed to the summit of both Pikes Peak and Quandary Peak, and done things I could not have imagined even only a few months before.

Once the changes began to really show, I started to take more photos.  Below is my progress, top left to bottom right, at 340, 315, 300, and 275 pounds.  I plan to continuously update my progress with more photos as time goes on.

Collage 2014-11-11 19_31_16

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