It’s been over a year and a half since I last published, so I figured it might be time to check in.

I’ve been at around 270 @ 23% body fat for about a year (112 pounds net loss). I’ve remained mostly active, but I am now a graduate student in addition to working, so gym time is a little harder to come by. As a result, I’m doing my best to keep things under control on the diet side.

For a while there, weight was coming back on in a hurry. I maxed out my weight loss at about 232 pounds, and it stayed there for about two months. After that time passed, looking at a doughnut would put on 3-5 pounds. I went with a ketogenic diet to throw a wrench in the gears of my metabolism while I figure out what’s next, and the weight has been holding steady for quite some time now with minimal effort.


Still enjoying the benefits of not being a giant tub.

If you haven’t seen it, the followup study on contestants from The Biggest Loser is pretty eye-opening. Basically, it portrays what happens to someone’s metabolism after extreme weight loss, and covers some of the basics of set-point theory.

At first glance, it paints a fairly hopeless picture for anyone that loses a bunch of weight, but there’s hope – it just takes time and patience.

Current Goals: Stay focused on school and work to maintain weight, for now. I still maintain a fairly active lifestyle, it’s just time crunched. If I stay exactly where I am forever, I can live with that. It’s still a long way from where I was.

PS – 351 days smoke free. 🙂


Number 11

Weight: 294
Body Fat: 28.9%
Energy: Nuclear powered

-88 pounds, 18 pounds to go to goal

11 trips up The Incline.  As if my life hasn’t changed enough, I accepted a new job recently and will start in a little over a week. Since I began this, I have genuinely felt awesome about getting further and further outside of my comfort zone more and more as time goes on. It seems like my new comfort zone is to try new things as often as possible. If anyone had told me a year ago that I would be here today, I would have suffocated to death from laughter.


Crash and burn

I have taken to running as much as I can of Barr Trail after completing The Incline. It’s about 2.7 miles of relatively tame downhill running and a good way to really make sure you’ve completely demolished your quads, in case The Incline didn’t finish them off. Anywho, during yesterday’s run, a root managed to grab a hold of my shoe and bungee me straight into the trail. It’s not natural to see kneecap exposed, and it slowed me down a little. Alas, I will heal, but I hope it doesn’t slow me down too much.


A Lesson Learned

Weight: 313 pounds
Energy: Sick and dying

Third trip up The Incline. Words can’t even describe how it felt to get on the scale this morning to see that I have cleared 315 pounds.  Things are moving so quickly now that I don’t even know where to go in terms of setting goals, except to just keep pushing harder and harder.  I’m not just losing weight at this point, I’m actually *starting* to get in shape.

The bad news – I did The Incline today with a nasty sinus infection, a 102 degree fever, and an inner ear infection that’s causing some rather ugly vertigo.  It’s a little bit of a wake up call that I might be a little too fixated on meeting goals, especially when I am already FAR ahead of the pace I set… It took me a lot longer to finish than last time, and I felt like I would rather be dead by the time I topped it.  No bueno, mofos.  If you’re reading this and thinking about a hard workout when your sick, that’s awesome that you’re so dedicated, but give your body an opportunity to get to work on your illness and take a day off.

New goal: Keep going, but don’t die doing it.

Third trip!

Third trip!

That’s twice thus far.

Weight: 322
Energy: Off the charts

-60 pounds

Now I can really start to see some changes. 60 pounds gone, I’m able to fit into clothes that haven’t fit me in years, and I am rapidly approaching my previous lightest weight of my adult life (315 pounds).

Second trip up The Incline today, and my hiking partner (who I still can’t keep up with) and sister (who can keep up with my hiking partner) joined me this time.They graciously waited for me at the top.

Both “End of Summer” goals smoked!

This is really happening!

New goals: Back when I was 382 pounds, I asked my doctor about weight loss.  He figured 275 may be in the ballpark of “ideal” for someone of my height and build, but said it’s hard to know for sure.  I’ll check it out when I get there.  New goal weight of 275 pounds by the end of the year.


Keeping Track

Weight: 332
Feel: Sore and recovering, but feeling great

I picked up a Fitbit Flex today and I’m pretty excited about it.  I do a ton of hiking for exercise, and I’m looking forward to keeping track of my step count, calorie burn, and overall progress.

Also noteworthy is the use of MyFitnessPal. This app is fan-damn-tastic for tracking caloric/nutrition intake and has made staying the course easier than ever.

Wild hair.

Weight: 335
Energy: Extremely high, but currently exhausted

-48 pounds
-4 inches waist

Welp, after some not-so-careful consideration, I did it.  I completed my first (of many?) trip up The Manitou Incline after work today. It took fucking forever, and I had to stop and rest about every 20 steps on the last half, but I made it. I did it.  I see that thing peering at me as I drive past Manitou Springs every day on my way home from work. Lately it has been looking more like a dare; a taunt.

It. Kicked. My. Ass. 2000 feet of elevation gain in .88 miles, complete with a false summit 600 feet (elevation) from the top to hurt your feelings when you realize you haven’t made it yet. Well, suck it, Incline.

That’s one “End of Summer” goal dusted months ahead of schedule, and two more pounds to go for the other!

New goal: Do it again next week if my legs work by then.