Christmas 2014

Weight: 253 pounds
Body Fat: 19.1%
Energy: Flu Recovery Status

Thanks to maintaining a healthy diet over the holidays, and some flu-inspired loss of appetite, I squeezed off several pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I purchased this domain today, and will be working to fill in the blanks on this blog leading up to now. I ate like hell today and didn’t regret a bit of it.  If there’s anything I’ve learned during this trip, is that it’s okay to allow a little excess now and then, but always in moderation.  😉

New Goal: Finally kick smoking. It’s way overdue. No matter what level of physical fitness I manage to achieve, I can’t even begin to call myself “healthy” until I stop.


So it begins…

*Time Machine Mode*

Weight: 382 pounds
Energy: Low/Knocking on death’s door

Since I had no idea what this would become when I started, I’m operating in the past tense.  Posting this on Christmas day, 2014, when I’m up late, thinking about the way the events of this year have inspired continued transformation.

March 24th, 2014 was the day the snowball started rolling.

I came home early from work that day.  I don’t remember why I left work, but I was lethargic as hell.  I sat down on the couch without much to do.  A few days prior, I received a rejection letter from the graduate school to which I had applied, so I had been mulling over what the rest of 2014 was going to look like, and how to handle this unexpected change of plans. I really wanted to get out of the house, so I went for a hike.  Not so much to hike, but to head to the waterfalls near my home to sit and think on things for a bit.  It’s about a quarter mile with a hundred feet of elevation gain, and I had to stop twice on the way there to catch my breath.

Reality check.

When I got home, I was suffering.  I guzzled a ton of water and it was a solid 20 minutes before my breathing and heart rate slowed down.  I had just turned 37 and wasn’t going to see 40 if I kept going like this. In addition to this, I had become lazy as hell in all aspects of my life.

New Goal: Be less lazy.